My New Business: The Love Look

I have exciting news to share, as a new chapter begins for me. It’s my pleasure to announce the formation of my new business, The Love Look!

We specialize in portraits for online dating profiles or anywhere you want to show a vibrant, upbeat you. 

If you’re dating online, you know that your profile pictures are the first thing your matches see. So they’re pretty important. You shouldn’t let blurry, spur-of-the-moment profile pictures get in the way of someone getting to know the real you.


The Love Look was inspired by my own online dating experience. As a photographer, quality pictures always caught my eye. It’s actually how I met my current partner, Max. He’s also a photographer, so I like to think our skills helped us find each other!


Online dating still came with its challenges. I would discuss dating online with my friends and lots of them found that choosing a flattering but honest profile picture can be challenging. Most never had a professional portrait taken. I knew I could help out folks who rarely posed for the camera to get that perfect shot.


The Love Look is open to anyone in L.A.

Take a look at what we offer and take advantage of our
NEW YEAR, NEW YOU – 15% OFF discount !



And if you follow us on Instagram, you can enter yourself
in a competition to win a free photoshoot! Enter soon!
You have up to 12/25/2017 (PST) midnight.

Thank you for your support. Feel free to share to your L.A. network!

Go to the The Love Look’s site now




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