Airbnb Paris Experience

A little over two months ago, I took my first airbnb experience. Not the normal needing-a-place-to-stay airbnb, instead an actual experience. Airbnb opened a new feature a little over a year ago while I was still working for them. What are airbnb experiences?  Airbnb experiences are excursions or activities designed and led by local hosts. Hosts that give guests unique access into places and communities in their city.

These experiences are a great way to add extra spark to your travel itinerary. Especially if you want to connect with locals and/or other travelers. I highly recommend.

Check it out here for your next travel destination. 

My experience was a bike & bite tour of Paris. Led by locals Tanya and Leo. I have been to Paris two times before but this was different and just what I wanted. An in depth look and knowledge into different parts of the city. And course opportunities to take pictures. I saw one of the oldest bakeries, lots of street art, lots of pediatricians (duh), dancers along the seine, and the most expensive residential real estate in Paris (Place des Vosges). Ending with a picnic with amazing charcuterie (sliced meat), and several types of cheese, including a blue (lavender) cheese. It was blue! I swear!


Thank you Tanya & Leo!

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