National Best Friend Day

I recently re-connected with some dear friends of mine. Not that I fell un-connected with any of them. But when distance is involved, it doesn’t make it easier. But thanks to the video app Marco Polo – as my friend Shawna would say, “It’s saving friendships one at a time”. I think she’s right! This app is great especially for those long distance friendships and for those in the Deaf and hoh community. Check it out.

Anyways; it got me reminiscing, flipping through my old hard-drive full of old pictures. It was very therapeutic for me. There were no iphones then, so I had a point n’ shoot camera that I pretty much took everywhere.

With my ten year high school reunion coming up this weekend, I felt inspired to dedicate a blog post to some of my best friends. The following photos are 7, 8, 9 year olds.

Thank you Shawna, Stella, Hastee and Amberine for being in my life. No matter where we go in our relationship, I know it’s gonna be okay, because ya’ll will always be a part of me.


Shawna – This night was special. My mom had won 4 tickets to see Wicked, from having the best Halloween costume at the Magic Castle one day. Thanks Mom. We invited you to join us – because I knew your love for theater and you would appreciate the experience over anyone else. And you did. You have been inspiring to me by pursuing a career in the theater world. You take risk in all sorts of calculated ways and you lead an exciting life. I love it when we catch up and when you call me out on my shit. You listen to your heart & your head and that’s not easy to do. Love you.


Stella – This is a picture from one of our many raving days. You were my raving momma. I couldn’t of done all the partying without you, haha! We’re a powerful force when we’re together. We laugh all time and we’re down to do anything at moment’s notice. I really appreciate that about you. You also have such a kind heart, kinder than me. Being around you has helped me think more positively. You were also the best colorguard co-caption I could have ever asked for. You helped me make it through high school. You’re also an amazing travel companion. After high school, I moved to Wisconsin and you moved to Utah. And now that you’re back in Cali, I love making more history with you. Max and I have so much fun with you, even it’s right in our living room. Love you a.k.a roommate.

Hastee – You’re my ride or die chick. You keep it real and you keep me real. We went to the beach a lot, mostly at night, which I know is your favorite. This day was special. It was after one semester of being away for college; during winter break we spent the day together before I had to go back to Wisconsin. It was bittersweet. You are now living in Oakland. I remember telling you once that you’ll eventually surround yourself with the people you want and make the life you want – and I can see you’re doing that. I admired that about you – you do your best to get what you want. It’s all we really can do. I’ll love you forever, and you know and I know that we can always count on each other.

Amberine – You get me. We’re valley girls forever. My kisses for you will be forever. You were there for me during college. We saw each grow up, we saw each other experience love. We advised and confided in each other. This picture was taken in what once was your apartment, than our apartment, then my apartment. So many great memories in that apartment. This was before you went to study aboard. I was excited for you but when reality hit and you were gone – it was hard for me. But our friendship remains strong today. That’s what’s important. You have further yourself with your music and now you’re about to further your education at Harvard. I love seeing where you go and making new friends, then introducing me to new parts of your world. You always include me. Thank you, love you.

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