L.A., it’s time to vote..

Tomorrow is March 7th, the City of Los Angeles Primary Nominating Election.
(Don’t know where to vote? Click here.)

Need more convincing on who NOT to vote for? 

February 20th, was the second CD 1 City Council Election Debate/Candidate Forum, held at the Sacred Heart Auditorium. More constituents confronted the current Officeholder, Gil Cedillo.

One women stood out, a Lincoln Heights tenant in tears facing eviction under alleged “Cash for keys” practice. Cash for keys sees developers offering tenants in rent-controlled buildings money in exchange for a buyout of their lease. Cedillo was “shown the back”, by the tenant showing her frustration with his lies after his office refused to help her.

Cedillo lost the LA times endorsement when he called displacement in his district “an urban myth”.

This is part three of my series covering the local election in support of Joe Bray Ali in Council District 1.

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Images 2017 © Marisa Sarto Photography



Lincoln Heights tenant asking all candidates how they will help her eviction under “cash for keys” tactic.



Cedillo was “shown the back”, by Lincoln Heights tenant


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