Sanctuary for ALL

The Free the People Immigration March took place yesterday, February 18, in downtown Los Angeles. Protesters marched from Pershing Square to City Hall.

I arrived towards the end of the march, but the group and their energy remained strong. The crowd had a wide range of attendees, in age, gender, and race. It appeared more diverse than the Women’s March and the LAX Protest several weeks ago.

A notable difference at this protest was the presence of street vendors. Authentic pupusas, freshly made tortillas, hot churros, and more were all for sale.

Organizations were tabling their resources, including White People for Black Lives.  

Community leaders, advocate organizations, and individuals spoke of their experiences in this country, their frustration with the current administration, and their resolve to overcome the negative rhetoric and systemic racism plaguing this country.

One of the most common themes of this march included a demand for an immediate stop of the ICE raids and deportations. The full list of demands can be found on the Free the People Immigration Facebook page.

This is part three of my series covering the protests in Los Angeles since January 20th. You can see more of my work here.
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Images 2017 © Marisa Sarto Photography



Check out Original song + film by Ary Katz featuring Ty Taylor.



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