Trump’s win put me into shock; thinking the numbness will wear off, instead outrage and a refusal to accept the result took over. Much of Los Angeles felt the same way – so they took it to City Hall to say what they had to say.

I joined them at three protests. I wasn’t there when demonstrators lit up a Trump piñata. Nor was I there the night when officers in full riot gear walked protesters off the 101 freeway. I was there the following days:

  • November 11th – City Hall
  • November 12th – The Union del Barrio’s march from MacArthur Park to and through downtown
  • November 17th – City Hall against the Bannon news

None of the protests turned violent. All kinds of people were there and all ages too. The police basically kept us safe, making sure when demonstrators were in the streets – that we had a safe path to march on.

My hope is to continue to taking photos of demonstrators and that we all continue to pay attention and stay outraged. My father told me this post election feels like there’s been a death in the family. I felt the same way. For me, with any death – mourning never completely goes away, it just becomes easier to deal with in time. In this case, I won’t allow the mourning to go away. Neither should you. Let’s vow to pay attention, speak up and protect your allies.

More photos can be seen on my website, here.

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