Mother Earth

While we celebrate our mothers today, let’s not forgot the mother we all rely on, Earth.

Mother Earth graced Death Valley with a “super bloom” gift this year. A desert valley floor covered with wildflowers, caused by an increase in rainfall followed by the heating of the area. Death Valley hasn’t had a bloom like this since 2005.

After family in France telling us to go and falling in love with the site of it online, we had to go. Two month ago Max and I took the trip up to see the bloom through our own lens, our cameras of course. We barely had a full day to shoot, so we fought with the light, with little to no energy. We felt the slight warmth, with a lot of wind, all while Max dressed up accordingly.

Enjoy and love to all those that create. Happy Mother’s day. I hope you like the photos Mom. Please use them as a reference for your paintings!



You’d think his favorite color is yellow.



Max was pretty upset with the picking of the flowers, but I thought it made a great picture.


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