El Amor Es Dulce

Love is Sweet.

It wasn’t the first Catholic wedding I photographed, however it was the first time I tag-teamed to photograph a wedding with my boyfriend. Max (who’s also an amazing photographer – his work here) and I shot this wedding on our new Sony a7II for my cousin’s husband’s sister’s friend, Stephanie. She and her now husband Carlos got married on November 7, 2015 in Culver City and celebrated at the beautiful Culver Hotel. Here are some of the best, to see all the pictures,  go to my website.

_DSC0659_DSC0836 _DSC0985 _DSC1463 _DSC1456 _DSC1489 _DSC1505 _DSC1520_DSC8198_DSC8184_DSC1558 _DSC1568 _DSC1624 _DSC1699 _DSC1705 _DSC1709 _DSC1793 _DSC1807_DSC1937_DSC8413_DSC8360_DSC1891_DSC1923_DSC2077_DSC8443_DSC8495_DSC8550_DSC2131

You know you wanna see more.

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