Coachella Virginity

I lost my virginity! My Coachella Virginity that is.

The 2014 Coachella Valley Music and Art Festival (second weekend) was my first Coachella and maybe my last.

I enjoy music and occasionally go to concerts but this massive festival wasn’t worth the money I paid for. A major contributing factor was the people I choose to go with [so maybe that’s a factor I had control over?]. I learned that’s a HUGE factor, so choose wisely if you plan to go. Unfortunately, I didn’t bond with the group I camped with, nor do I believe they did their best to make me feel included. When I got home I was slightly disappointed with my overall experience.

Although, there were other factors involved that I didn’t have control over. Everyone in the group were fast communicators and I’m not a fast communicator. So naturally I missed the quick jokes and opportunities for laughter and bonding. Usually, I always ask for a repeat of what my ears missed and I’m not uncomfortable asking that; but for this group I was. There was no patience communication and that essential for someone with a hearing loss.

I thought had it been with my closer friends.. well you know.

Instead, I chose to focus on why I was there. For the music, that is why I didn’t capture a lot of those moments on camera because I was busy dancing, chatting and being in the moment. Luckily my friend Ziv (guy in the large brim hat) saved me on Friday, he came with another group and we met up and saw Jagwar Ma, Flume, Grouplove, the Knife and others but I cannot remember. Than I got lost. Getting lost at Coachella is a regularity. Than again I didn’t feel lost. At one point, I lost my group and saw Lana Del Ray by myself from afar, lying down in half alive grass with a joint; it was great. I’m not even a big fan of her music, but I was in the moment. That’s what Coachella is about, being in the moment.

I was also alone when I saw Arcade Fire. Hands down, best performers there.

Bastille was awesome too. He was wearing a Jurassic Park shirt, he’s cool in my book.

Below are photographs shot on a Nikon EM, 35mm film in moments of down time, up time, raging time, break time, walking-to-another-stage-time, getting-out-of-the-sun-time and I’m-so-tired time. Most of my photos encountered light leakage, which is a bummer, but I worked with what I got and I still like what I came out with. I made lemonade.

I learned another thing, I have to go to Burning Man- I think that’s a setting that’s more for me. I’d be surrounded by like-minded “individuals”.

 Coachella_2014-1 Coachella_2014-2 Coachella_2014-3 Coachella_2014-4 Coachella_2014-5 Coachella_2014-6 Coachella_2014-7 Coachella_2014-8 Coachella_2014-9 Coachella_2014-10 Coachella_2014-11 Coachella_2014-12 Coachella_2014-13 Coachella_2014-14 Coachella_2014-15 Coachella_2014-16 Coachella_2014-17 Coachella_2014-18 Coachella_2014-19 Coachella_2014-20 Coachella_2014-21 Coachella_2014-22 Coachella_2014-23New_Orleans_2

New_Orleans_2-2 Coachella_2014-24 Coachella_2014-25This was the last photo I shot at Coachella. It was night time and this was set up in someone’s tent, I was so attracted to the silhouette and just seconds later, the light behind was turned off. Good night Coachella.

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