Walk4Hearing 2014

As a member of the Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA), I was asked to photograph their Long Beach Walk4hearing. This walk took place in Long Beach on Sunday, June 1, 2014 at Shoreline Aquatic Park.

What’s the point of the walk?

To increase public awareness about hearing loss, help eradicate the stigma associated with it and raise funds for programs and services.

 I’ve been to three walks and this was by far the one with most people, of all ages and race. It was also the first time for me to see mascots representing hearing loss. It made me happy; it made me happy to see this innovation. It was written on everyone’s faces, each one simulating each other and understanding what others were feeling.

People aren’t cold theorizers who make judgments about other creatures. They are unconscious method actors who understand by sharing or at least simulating the responses they see in the people around them. We’re able to function in a social world because we partially permeate each other’s minds and understand – some people more, some people less. Human beings understand others in themselves, and they form themselves by reenacting the internal processes they pick up from others.. that’s what happens at the walk.

Below are some of my favorite images, all shot digitally by me. More photos will be posted on the Long Beach Walk4Hearing Facebook page.

LB_Walk4Hearing_3 LB_Walk4Hearing_28 LB_Walk4Hearing_34 LB_Walk4Hearing_62 LB_Walk4Hearing_76 LB_Walk4Hearing_81 LB_Walk4Hearing_91

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