My friend, Jessica

This is my friend Jessica. She was my amazing hostess for about two weeks while I visited Portland, Oregon this past summer (2013). At the time, she was working for Nike headquarters (which I also got see!) and had an adorable apartment with an awesome balcony. I love balconies. Jessica and I were childhood friends. We have some interesting stories. I wasn’t a nice kid, but she was and still is.

We reconnected on Facebook after years of not speaking. While I was visiting Washington D.C. a few years ago, I met up with her while she was attending Gallaudet University, a school for the deaf and hard of hearing. I was nervous seeing her, I wasn’t sure if we’d get along. I was very wrong, we along perfectly well. I knew a new relationship had started and I was happy she agreed to host me in Portland, Oregon. I even got her to attend the Hearing Loss Association of America Convention on a scholarship. That experience wouldn’t have been the same without her! Here are some photos of her and surroundings.


This is Jessica, taking out the trash.


This is Jessica’s balcony to her apartment. I spent hours there, reading and enjoying the wilderness and sometimes I cried.


Jessica began to notice this cat lingering around. She may have been pregnant. Below are a few more shots of her, eager for our attention.


Jessica and I took a weekend trip to Seattle, WA. The weather was perfect and our experience was perfect!


Jessica heard about this place for their well known pastry dish. So we had to stop by. It was simply scrumptious.


Cell phone break.

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