Best Friend Graduates

This past May, Berkeley had its graduation for the Department of Molecular & Cell Biology, class of 2013. I’m proud and honor to say that my best friend, Hastee was a part of it. Her ceremony was one of the best ones I’ve been to. I was the only one in the crowd to cheer when the main speaker said he was from Wisconsin! He told the story of the original Indiana Jones and said messages like, “You are needed”, “Who knows what you might accomplish”, and “The world will tell you to find success by following it’s rules”. I’ll tell you this much; I’ve known Hastee for a little over 9 years now and she is most definitely needed in this world (and mine), I have no idea what she’ll accomplish but I know she’ll make accomplishments that most never dream of doing. Lastly, no doubt will she have success, but she will gain success by her own rules, because we all know that well behaved women rarely make history.

I aimed for the photos to be non-traditional, and a representation of my friend Hastee ❤


Hastee_07 Hastee_08 Hastee_09 Hastee_10 Hastee_11 Hastee_12 Hastee_13 Hastee_14 Hastee_15 Hastee_16 Hastee_17 Hastee_18 Hastee_19 Hastee_20 Hastee_21

Hastee_22 Hastee_23 Hastee_24

and me!


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